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Don't Touch My Phone: Alarm

Don't Touch My Phone is a phone Anti Theft Alarm and phone security alarm to secure my phone by detecting motion whenever someone attempt to touch my phone. If someone want to touch my phone or your children or family persons want to use your mobile when you are not there. The Don't Touch My Phone: Anti Theft Alarm app will secure your phone and allows you to find out someone who touch my phone. With the Don't Touch My Phone app, you will not be afraid to put your phone anywhere. The Anti Theft Alarm app provides very simple way to activate and secure your phone. Firstly, place the device on a fixed place, then click the Activate button. Once you activate the Phone Anti Theft Alarm, none could touch my phone, because the Anti Theft Alarm will be triggered if any one tries to touch my phone, the alarm will warn you and you can set four-digit pin code to protect your phone. The Don't Touch My Phone tool will detect motion when someone tries to touch your phone without your permission, If someone touches your phone, the phone will activate the alarm. then you will be notified and find out who touch my Phone. ★ How to Use: 1. Place the device anywhere 2. Activate the Anti theft Alarm 3. If anyone touch my phone, It will activate the alarm. 4. You can find who touch my phone. If anybody want to steal my phone, If your friends want to watch your phone, read your message or get your phone data, If you are afraid to leave your device in public places, If someone are want to use your mobile when you are not there, Just Start Don't Touch My Phone: Anti Theft Alarm app!

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